Leaping in the Day-Night 


"Glass Harmonica"

By: Andrei Khrjanovsky (Андрей Хржановский).




Belousov-Zkabotinsky reaction


1983, Maggie Rawlings, Datamax UV-1


This is somewhere between Albuquerque and El Paso at around 6:30am after an all night drive from Phoenix:



fullmoon morning roof

Where and how you spend most of your time



here is a song and video i made with the help of a computer glitch. see if you can find your face in it:



 A story in Celebration of Mercury in Retrograde:
This photo was taken about 5 or 6 years ago at Ground Zero Teen-Center in Bellevue, WA by my roommate Brian while he was on tour out of San Diego with is band, The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower. This was the only crowd photo that Brian happened to take on the entire tour.  I had seen The Plot a few times, but never actually met them. The night we found this picture we were talking about about random shows we had been to and we made a joke about the possibility of him happening to have a photo of us. IT EXISTS! Brian lives in a room next to me now. We are watching akimbo play in the photo,  the rock goggle fantasy also played.  Dan Stuckey is to the right of me and Chris, Hunter and Robert were also at this show. I miss these times.



This machine was invented in 1913 by Luigi Russolo. He created ensembles of noise and weird electronic music.

Here are some remakes being used:

This picture was taken in the forests surrounding Evergreen State College, WA. 2008? 2009?
I forget who took this picture, I think it was Sean? The head that is up-close and hooded belongs to Jayden, then Maggie, me, Davey and Gio.
Also really into this insane jam:


Here are some drawings that i made awhile ago. they seem to include the same character:


This is one of my favorite tags. It's location is Union and somewhere between 24th and 27th ave in Seattle.